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The Meeting of Design Students (MEDS) is an established international network of young designers that meets annually for a 2 week workshop. This year’s event is taking place in Dublin City from the 10th to the 24th August 2014.

Over 200 third-level students and graduates of various design disciplines from around the world will participate in a variety of workshops that foster the development of design, communication, leadership, technical and social skills in a dynamic multi-cultural environment. These workshops are based on collaborative and co-operative learning, affording participants great opportunities in terms of skill and idea sharing. For many, it is of great benefit to engage in such an informal learning process to complement their more prescribed traditional educational program.

This year’s MEDS will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase Dublin’s history and heritage to participants from all over the world, and to promote the city as a centre of excellent design. MEDS events of the past have produced built works that have been featured in leading design publications, and it is envisaged that this year will produce a similar standard of work. The design output will be placed on exhibition to the general public at various participating venues throughout the city centre.

Furthermore, much of the output of the workshops will be directly donated to Dublin-based charities, to maximise the positive social impact of MEDS.

MEDS aspires to be an inclusive event, reaching out to the city and inviting active involvement from bodies and institutions relating to the field of design. It will bring with it an added excitement, vibrancy and creative energy to the city of Dublin this summer.


MEDS Workshops


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